Beauty or Health? It is your own choice.

People are always discovering a new way to get fit. ‘What do you want to look like?’. ‘ Just want to be as skinny as i can. Wearing the XS-size clothes is my ultimate goal.’ – It is every girl’s’ wish.

Jenell B Stewart, an american award winning beauty editor, recently published an article about four things should be avoided when you are trying to lose weight on her twitter. Jenell mentions the rapid weight loss plans may make you easily lose 10 pounds in one month but gaining all 10 pounds right back in one week.

A Korean University Student Sein Jung re-tweeted Jenell’s post, said she believes Jenell’s idea is correct but she is not going to take her advice.

‘I’m small-size in western countries but i am considered slightly chubby in Asia. I did public exams last year. Due to the stress eating I gained 10 kg in 2 months. I don’t care the aftermaths of my plan i just wanted to give the perfect impression to my uni friends in my first year.’

Another Twitter user from Japan, Nana Kato said She also believes Jenell’s article. Nana has tried some extreme dieting and in the end it weakened her immune system. ‘It’s sort of depressing that I’m fat, but I’m just not quite as ‘fit’ as Japanese teenage females. During the period of having extreme weight loss plan, i have no motivation and no energy. ’

Many young office ladies have heavy works which is hard for them to strive for exercise time. Most of them start the plan from dieting.

Cutting crabs from their diet is the most common way nowadays. Some internet celebrities film videos of how they lose 10 kilograms in one month. Be vegetarian or only drink meal replacement shakes, consuming no more than 500 calories and with intensive exercise everyday.


I am not a nutrition expert, but from my basic general knowledge i know the number of daily calories a woman needs to maintain her current weight or to attain a healthy weight depends on her age and activity level. For example, the moderately active 20-25 years old woman needs about 2,200 calories a day.

In last year, there was a case of false weight loss program in Western Australia. A 27 years old man was close to death after starting his  protein powder diet containing green tea extract and a supplement with garcinia cambogia, which can cause liver failure even in moderate doses. There are dozens of similar cases causing liver failure around the world.

Extreme dieting pushes the limits of your body well beyond its capabilities. Consequences of it are physical fatigue, inadequate vitamin, mineral and trace element intake which will leave you feeling run-down and tired. Consuming inadequate protein and essential (indispensable) amino acid makes you lose muscle.

Also, extreme dieting also increase the risk of fall or light-headedness due to drop in blood pressure. It may also cause depression and increase the risk of being vulnerable to more eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia.

Please do not feel guilty to have a normal meal. Eating healthy and regular exercise are the only way to make you healthy and beautiful.

What are you waiting for? Let’s move! Move your body!


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